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Our Why  :

"Peace for the 20's" is a Special ministry aimed to support believers and Non-Believers through the unique life experiences that impact the formative years of young adulthood to adulthood. The goal of "Peace for the 20's" is to provide biblical perspective to support Gods people as we wrestle with four central questions that shape our destiny: 

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Through intentional devotionals, "Peace For the 20's" Hopes to provide the relevant scripture, content and community for God's People to Find three things: 

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Now unto him who is able to keep us from stumbling!


Is this Just for believers and non-Believers in their 20's?

Not at all! "Peace for the 20's" may have been inspired by the revelation that there are unique challenges faced by Believers and non-believers in their 20's, but these topics and devotionals are for everyone. We acknowledge the word of God is not static and is alive for all people. 

What is a devotional? 

Devotionals are purposeful scripture centered readings, reflections and prayers meant to support spiritual growth. Devotionals can be found in the blog section of this website. 



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