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  • Jordan Cotton

Where am I Going?: Dealing with Anxiety

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Have you ever considered how faith is the opposite of fear?

The seasons and their impact on trees can serve as a metaphor of God's faithfulness to creation. In the springtime, trees are luscious and vibrant, their leaves marking the beginning of new life. In summer the leaves continue to mature and by fall their cycle of life-filled greeness comes to an end as amber, orange and yellow mark the end of life. By winter, trees lose all of their leaves and we witness bare, leafless branches.

We can imagine that anxiety and fear accompany our dark, wintery seasons, these spirits make us believe that we are not enough, that we are not seen by God and that we will not be able to relinquish the promises he has for his children. However, if we have faith that God will see us through as he has done so faithfully previous seasons in our life, anxiety loses its power.

In Matthew 6, Jesus uses nature to teach us many important truths as it relates to anxiety. If God is sure to ensure that the trees of his creation show evidence of life in the Spring, what makes us think that he will not do the same as we go through our spiritual seasons holding fear?


Read Matthew 6:25 What does Jesus say life is more than?

Read Matthew 6:26 In all of creation, who does God deem valuable?

Read Matthew 6:27-29 What does God say we have little of?

Read Matthew 6:32 What does God call us to seek first for things to be “added” unto us?

Read Matthew 6:33 Why not be anxious for tomorrow?


  • God values us as Human beings: God introduces the sparrow in his parable and asks us “aren't we more valuable than them?” God makes us aware of his hand on nature so that we can better perceive His hand in our lives.

  • Our anxiety directly relates to our faith: Ultimately God is calling us to have faith in seasons of anxiety. The absence of faith is fear.

  • God's kingdom comes first: God reveals his priorities in the parable, starting with nature, then us as human beings and lastly His kingdom that he is building. God asks us to align ourselves with His Kingdom vision.

  • There will always be something: God makes it clear that there is always something to be anxious about. By understanding this reality and turning these things over to God in faith, God reveals that we are able to not only get more out of our day but also our life.


What have been sources of anxiety in your life recently? Have you exercised faith in these areas?

What can you release to God today?

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