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  • Shantreez Burris

Who Am I?: Giving God the Space to Pour

According to the Oxford dictionary, capacity is defined as the maximum amount that something can contain or produce. As we journey through life, especially as young adults, it’s rare that we adequately assess our capacity, whether that’s physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually. Since we did not create ourselves, I think it’s impossible to fully understand how much we can hold or produce until God places us in environments or circumstances that will prove our true capacity.

I can draw from a simple, personal example to display a spiritual truth. A few months ago I decided that I wanted to take my health and fitness journey more seriously. A month into the process, I realized I stopped when I got tired and moved on to the next exercise while in the gym. Understanding this was not completely productive, I decided to hire a trainer who was able to push me past the limits i thought I had which helped to reveal my full capacity. Without the trainer, I can say I would not have actualized my true strengths and abilities or realized how much I can withstand.

This same principle applies to our lives and journey with Christ. God is the source to all things, and He has so much He wants to give us. However, He must ensure we have the capacity to receive all He has to give.


Read 1 King 4: 3-4: What were the instructions Elisha gave the widow?


The story of the widow’s wife serves as a representation of capacity. After her husband dies, the creditors he owed are seeking repayment from his wife. Having no other options, she goes to the prophet of God, Elisha, who then gives her instructions regarding the only possessions she has- a small jar of olive oil. Through Elisha, God blesses the widow with more oil than she has room to store. This story showcases vital principles:

  • All you have is all you need: God is going to increase/expand what is already in you and what you already have

  • Obedience is required: Doing what God told you to do regardless if you understand it or how it looks, can determine your success

  • Overflow: God will always exceed your expectations and give you more than enough. He wants you to live in abundance. God not only gave the widow what she needed to settle the debt, she had enough remaining that her family could live off what was left (1 King 4:7)

The oil will flow as long as there is capacity!


  • What areas in your life do you feel like you’ve reached your max/capacity? Be sure to pray and ask God to expand what you hold and how to reach a place of overflow.

  • Where do you feel like there is lack in life? Ask God to reveal those areas and use them to grow you to see Him in a new light

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