• Jordan Cotton

Whose Am I?: Seeing the Promises of God Unfold in Your Life

One of the defining characteristics of Yahweh is his unmatched faithfulness. We not only serve a God that does not change, we serve a God who establishes the word that He has spoken. We see this in the opening chapters of the bible, the creation story, how God created the heavens and earth by command and it was so. This same God who spoke the earth into its perfect design is the same God who intimately speaks to our souls through our faith in his son Jesus Christ.

In the Bible we see that God is in the business of speaking to his beloved children and this can be achieved through limitless vices. For Moses it was a burning bush, for Mary it was an Angel and for Joseph it was through dreams. Today we can hear God's voice and receive the promises that He has for us. These promises hold great hope and catalyze faith but can also be tested by doubt, fear and uncertainty as we go through the trials that come with life. What do we do when we know God has spoken something over our lives but the circumstances we find ourselves in look nothing like what God said?


Read Gen 39:1 Who bought Joseph from the Ishmaelites?

Read Gen 39: 2-3 What was the Lord’s relationship with Joseph

Read Gen 39: 4 What duties were Joseph put over?

Read Gen 39:5 Why did the Lord bless Potiphar’s house?

Read Gen 39: 6 How did Potiphar respond to this blessing?


  • Through adverse circumstances we serve a faithful God: Joseph despite being sold into slavery by his brothers (betrayal) and being separated from his dad (grief) was still blessed by God. Joseph continued to use his gift of dreaming to impact a nation.

  • When God’s hand is on someone it impacts all that is connected to them: Potiphar the Egyptian who bought Joseph received the blessing of God by simply sharing space with Him. Potiphar's house was blessed because God’s hand was on his life. Potiphar might not have even believed in the same God as Joseph, yet he saw his light and how everything he touched was blessed.

  • We serve an all-knowing God of connection: While it appears in this story that Joseph might have been at the wrong place at the wrong time, God worked in his favor to carry out what he envisioned for Joseph’s life. God was able to connect Joseph to a man directly under the ruler of Egypt, Pharaoh, which gave Joseph a door to hold the power and influence that would ultimately reunite him with his family and fulfill God's vision.


What has God spoken to you concerning your purpose? What vision is God trying to birth from your life?

What circumstances and struggles have got in the way of you actualizing God’s purpose? How have you responded to these setbacks?

Do you need to place your faith back into the promises of God?

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